Karlos arguiñano criptomoneda el hormiguero

Karlos arguiñano criptomoneda el hormiguero

Karlos arguiñano criptomoneda el hormiguero

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When you click on them, you are redirected to a web page that looks like a media site that, as we said, transcribes a supposed interview of that celebrity in El Hormiguero, where testimonials and supposed success stories are included to try to gain credibility. The reality is that these success stories do not exist because the photos have been taken from image banks.
The content is also full of links that take you to the pages of these supposed financial products, which have names like Bitcoin Revolution or Bitcoin Trader and ask for an initial «investment» of 250€ that you will never see again.

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AtresmediaAlthough Karlos admitted the joy of being able to get back together with his whole family after the confinement, between children and grandchildren 27 people were reunited, he had a particularly painful memory. Pablo recalled that he is a great father, but he and his wife had to live through hard times when they started to form their big family.
The viewers of his cooking show will know that Karlos lives on a large farm in the middle of the mountain, which allows him to have chickens, pigs, wild boars and even peacocks. Precisely the birds were the protagonists of one of his funniest moments, when he narrated on television the courtship as if he were Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente himself.
AtresmediaMore juicy were the questions asked by Trancas and Barrancas in their section. The ants, who do not mind dealing with controversial issues, wanted to ask the interviewee about his love for power walking. This sport, which is widely practiced by elderly people, is Mariano Rajoy’s favorite. The cook assured that he would beat the former president of the Government in a race, although he said that he would surely make it difficult for him.

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