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Risto mejidez criptomoneda

Risto mejidez criptomoneda

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In June 2006 he made his television debut as a judge in the contest El invento del siglo, broadcasted by Antena 3. The program was withdrawn a week after its premiere,[8] but the production company, Gestmusic Endemol, decided to continue counting on him for the fifth edition of Operación Triunfo.
It was in this talent show where he achieved great popularity for his harsh and caustic criticism, not only of the contestants, but also of the teachers and program directors.[9] Risto Mejide became a media phenomenon, to the point that the audience of the program, whose average screen share was around 20%, shot up to 50% of screen share only during his interventions. [10] As a result of his popularity, in 2007 he became a contributor to the radio program Protagonistas on Punto Radio. 11] In the 2007/08 season he switched to Julia en la onda, a program hosted by Julia Otero on Onda Cero.
During 2007 he also collaborated briefly in other Gestmusic programs exploiting his controversial facet as a critic: he was a debater in the debate Paranoia semanal, of Antena 3, and was in charge of the section Haciendo amigos of the magazine Channel Nº4 of Cuatro.[12] He also writes a weekly column in the Diario ADN of Grupo Planeta.

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Risto Mejide has been involved in a controversy that has nothing to do with him. More and more celebrities are denouncing through their social networks the appropriation of their identity to give value to some brands without their consent. After expecting the arrival of their first child, Laura Escanes and the television collaborator, have been forced to launch, repeatedly, messages to warn their followers that their image and name is being used to promote brands. Both have denied this on their Instagram profiles and the truth is that it has not made them any fun.
In this way, the couple has denied as best they could this information that is flooding social networks and Internet pages. The life of Risto Mejide and Laura Escanes has been so disrupted that the member of the jury of Got Talent has had to make stories to warn his followers on the set of the program while the recording of the program was taking place.

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