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Activo plus trader

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IB at the moment I «discard» it (it is not decided) because of the 10$ monthly commissions, and that is why activotrader is beating me, since its inactivity commission is 1$ monthly. The commission in options is 4,5€ for IB and 7€ for AT.
So I do not know whether to transfer everything and have all my domestic securities in the new broker or leave part in ING for the issue of diversification in brokers. (although ING’s half yearly inactivity fee might «bother me»).
I would like to transfer some international stocks from ING and ClickTrade to Activo Trader Pro. Could you tell us how did you make the transfer if you did, were you charged any commissions in the process.
Thank you, Fran for your answer, what you say is clear to me, in most of the brokers it is done as a transfer paying the commissions normally of exit that the entity has or for free if it is the case. The doubt I have being the first time that I am going to make a transfer of entry to Activo Trade, copy response to the query made in Customer Support, I confirm that the transfer will be made through Sale and Purchase, so I wanted to confirm with someone who has made the transfer operation as Activo Trade manages it, because if they do as they inform me in the answer through Sale/Purchase, that is where I wanted to know if there were commissions, I think I had not explained myself well in the consultation, also to take into account the tax implications of declaring gains or losses in the income tax return. I want to be sure before proceeding with the transfer of the shares that I am interested in transferring, since it is not the same to declare gains or losses. If Activo Trade declares the transfer of the shares in the report first as a Sale and then as a Purchase, the tax authorities will interpret this as they have not really done so.

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In 2021 ActivoTrade is making a lot of noise in the field of CFD trading thanks to its offers and the publicity it is getting thanks to Josef Ajram. However, although its commissions are acceptable and it has a quality trading platform, it has some handicaps. For this reason, some believe that traders can find other interesting brokers if they search online, such as Plus500. In addition, the broker Plus500 is regulated and has competitive rates as you can see here (76.4% of retail investor accounts lose money on CFD trading with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take a high risk of losing your money).
As a European broker, ActivoTrade has to comply with the EU MiFID regulation, which sets out certain rules that it must adhere to. For this reason, in addition to the regulation we have just studied, we believe that ActivoTrade is reliable.
As is logical, investors who sign up want to make money, so sooner or later they will ask to withdraw all or part of their funds. When the time comes, it is important that we are paid correctly in time and form. We have studied social networks and forums to find out if clients have problems getting paid and, in general, we have seen that they pay well.

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DOWNLOAD PLUS500 WEBTRADER PLATFORM Plus500’s trading platform is one of the most popular among Forex and CFD traders. Downloading Plus500 Webtrader Desktop is convenient because it is more stable than the web version.SHAREShareJOIN OUR TELEGRAM CHANNELSUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTERCONTACTDOWN THE PLUS500 WEBTRADER PLATFORM DOWNLOAD
Plus500 offers a downloadable and installable trading platform for desktop computers. Because both retail and professional accounts operate on the same graphical interface, it facilitates the use of research tools by presenting them in a way that is easy to understand.


When looking for a quality CFD broker to start trading on the stock market, it is recommended to study in depth the various options available to us. And, in this article, we show you a good analysis of Activotrade.
Let’s start at the beginning: Is Activotrade a scam or is it reliable? We cannot take the risk that it is not a trustworthy broker, since we are going to put our money in its accounts.
Another important point to evaluate is the reputation of the company. That is to say, what users and clients who use its services think of it. On this, we dedicate a complete section towards the end of the article.
When reviewing a CFD broker, it is very important that we choose the ones that offer the widest range of underlying assets, as this will multiply our chances of finding the asset that allows us to earn the most easily.
As you can see, it is not that it offers us a spectacular amount of assets. The truth is that it is a rather small offer. We would like to say something like «in spite of being reduced it offers us great possibilities», but the truth is that it is impossible for us. The truth is that it is a broker with an offer of underlying assets that is too limited.

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