Ibercaja wallet

Ibercaja wallet

Ibercaja wallet


Regardless of whether you are shopping online or in a physical establishment, it is possible that a payment failure may occur due to not having enough money in the account. This is a problem that can also appear when paying with the physical card. Therefore, first of all, we recommend that you check your current account balance to make sure that you have enough money to make your purchase. If after the check you see that this is not the problem, we recommend you to follow some of the points explained below.
Although you have the card digitally inserted in Wallet, in the end it is still an extension of the physical format. Therefore, if the card is expired, it will also be expired to make payments through Apple Pay. This is another point to take into account and why there may be failures when making payments with Apple Pay.
It is also important to make sure that the card has not been cancelled. Your bank must have your consent or at least inform you if the service is canceled, however you may have missed it or there may have been an error with your card. Check it through the bank’s website or application and/or contact their customer service.

Ibercaja account

Bizum and Ibercaja offer the possibility of using this service through the mobile app and the bank’s website. Both its download and its use are very simple and practical, if you follow some steps and recommendations to complete the process.
These are the steps to use Bizum at Ibercaja. If you want to request money from Bizum you must repeat the same process. But replace the third step by choosing instead «Request money».
The Ibercaja Pin in Bizum is used for payments in online merchants. This pin is chosen by the user himself and can be modified in the bank’s application. It is used to confirm transactions when making purchases in online stores or other online services.

Ibercaja credit card

Try uninstalling the App and reinstalling it. Once installed again, accept all permissions. In case the problem persists, you have the possibility to access digital banking and review your documents through the ‘envelope’ icon of mailboxes.
NFC (Near Field Communication) is a system that allows wireless communication, but of short range (maximum range 20cm), and is integrated in some cell phones. With this system, fast, convenient and efficient communication can be established between two devices.
In case of theft or loss of the sticker card, the cardholder must call 976 20 10 72 to cancel the sticker card, but you can still use the physical card at ATMs and POS.
Rooting or rooting the mobile is the process of modifying the operating system that incorporates the device to get full control over it. This means that you can overcome all the limitations that the manufacturer puts on the device, extend its functionality and even upgrade to another version of Android.

How to add my card to wallet

More and more banks are allowing their users to use the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology of their cell phones to replace cards and thus pay with the cell phone in stores.
If you are an Ibercaja user and would like to use this technology you are in luck because it is already being tested in what will be the next version of the Ibercaja Pay application. We have tested it to tell you how it will work and everything it hides.
Of all your chosen cards to pay with your cell phone you will have to choose one card as your favorite. Why? It will be the card with which you will pay if you do not select another one. If you want to change your favorite card later on, you can do so without any problem.
When paying with contactless technology you will not have to enter the PIN of the card if the amount of the purchase is less than 20€. If this function worries you for security reasons, you can change the minimum amount to ask for PIN less than 20€ or even 0€ to always ask for it.

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