Que es energy wallet

Que es energy wallet

Que es energy wallet

Proveedores de electricidad cerca de mí

Dos cambios sustanciales determinarán nuestro futuro: más energías renovables y más vehículos eléctricos. El petróleo, el gas natural y el carbón cubren hoy la mayor parte de nuestras necesidades energéticas mundiales. Pero las correspondientes emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero han hecho que el clima del planeta cambie de forma antinatural. El mundo está preparado para el cambio, y la voluntad política de actuar en materia medioambiental está presente.
Por desgracia, las energías renovables no son tan fiables como las centrales eléctricas convencionales, y la electricidad no puede almacenarse en la red eléctrica. Para garantizar que la transición para abandonar los combustibles fósiles sea un objetivo práctico y alcanzable, necesitamos instalaciones eficientes para almacenar la energía renovable.
Por ello, el Monedero de Energía Verde (GEW) conecta las baterías de muchos vehículos eléctricos para utilizar esta capacidad como un gran almacén de reserva para la energía renovable. También se pueden integrar sistemas de energía solar y baterías domésticas. Conectamos las estaciones de carga con la red eléctrica para gestionar la electricidad con flujo en ambos sentidos entre la red eléctrica y la batería.

Spain electricity prices

Iberdrola has launched this week ‘Energy Wallet’, a new 100% digital product that allows users to buy personalized electricity packages, of 6, 12 or 24 months duration, with the aim of knowing in advance the final price of energy and be able to save on the bill.
From their cell phone, through the Iberdrola Clientes App or in the private area of the Iberdrola Clientes website, users can consult the rates and purchase these vouchers, also with the prepaid option that entails a discount, in addition to monitoring in real time their energy consumption, their available balance and the additional services contracted.
Once the customer has contracted this solution, through his private account the customer has at his disposal detailed information on how and how much he spends on energy. Every month, every day, every hour and even a forecast of the estimated future expenditure.
To this end, it offers different payment methods: a fixed monthly fee to better plan the household budget; paying exactly what is consumed each month; or paying in advance, thus benefiting from a discount.

Iberdrola energy

Iberdrola’s new Energy Wallet tariff reserves the best prices only for those customers who are willing to pay their electricity bill in advance and, moreover, without the option of accessing time discrimination.
In addition, Iberdrola requires the activation of time discrimination, but without passing on to the customer the great potential savings in tolls of this modality, since it applies a fixed final price for 24 hours.
Another particularity of the Energy Wallet plan is that Iberdrola allows the user to consume the kWh bonus paid in advance in any home, as long as he/she is the owner: in the usual home, in the second residence or even in both simultaneously.
Likewise, these energy packages are managed through the Iberdrola Clientes app or the private area of the website. In this way, the consumer can consult all the details of his energy package (how and how much he spends on energy, estimated expenditure forecast, etc.).
Energy Wallet alerts the user via e-mail and SMS when the end date of the energy package is near. However, the customer who has contracted this tariff must be attentive to the notifications of expiration, since Iberdrola can apply a penalty rate until they recharge a new voucher if the one they had contracted expires.

Iberdrola spain

Iberdrola’s Energy Wallet tariffs allow customers to purchase energy packages for periods of 6, 12 and 24 months. Discover the advantages of buying electricity in advance, read customer reviews about Energy Wallet and find out how it works.
This is a tariff in which instead of paying the price of electricity month by month, the customer buys the supply for periods of 6, 12 or 24 months in which he will always pay the same price for the price of electricity.
Iberdrola calculates on the basis of the customer’s historical consumption how much energy he needs to supply himself during the period of time he has chosen and assigns him a contracted power. Both factors, the power and the energy needed by the customer, depend on the customer’s consumption habits and electricity demand.
Does this mean that when the customer exhausts the energy voucher he has purchased, he is left without electricity supply? The answer is no, since the customer will have electricity available at all times. In that case, Iberdrola will apply the standard Energy Wallet price, without discounts or promotions, until the customer purchases a new package.

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